Royalty Free Stock Horse Clipart by JVPD

  1. Woman Feeding a Horse While a Dog Watches and a Kitten Plays, a Man Standing in the Background
  2. Mount Fuji from Across Yedo Bay
  3. Japanese Man Riding Sidesaddle on a Brown Horse Through the Snow
  4. Horses Grazing in a Landscape with a Stream in Kogane Fields in Shimosa Province, Mt Fuji in the Distance
  5. Dog Watching a Jockey Kneeling and Praying for a Successful Race by a Horse in a Stable
  6. Couple in a Horse Drawn Sleigh on Christmas Morning
  7. Horse and Man Arriving at a Farm in Time for Thanksgiving
  8. Team Work Will Win the War Clipping
  9. Beautiful Horse Laying down
  10. People Fishing at a Weir in Senju, Musa, and One Person and Horse Transporting Rice Seedlings, Rice Paddies and Mount Fuji in the Distance
  11. Archer on a Rearing Horse
  12. Men Washing a Horse in a Stream at the Yoshitsune Umarai Waterfall at Yoshino in Washu
  13. Dog Running Along Men on the Unicorn Norwich Coach
  14. Men Racing Horses with on a Dusty Track
  15. Woman Suffrage Procession, Washington, D.C. March 3, 1913
  16. Woman Suffrage Procession, Washington, D.C. March 3, 1913 Vintage Design with a Horse
  17. General Ulysses S Grant with Soldiers, Horses and a Flag
  18. Horse and Andrew Jackson with the Tennessee Forces on the Hickory Grounds
  19. Horseback Andrew Jackson with the Tennessee Forces on the Hickory Grounds
  20. Man in a Horse Carriage, a Dog Alongside
  21. Jockey and Trotting Mare Nancy Hanks
  22. Chocolat Klaus - Woman on a Red Horse with Text
  23. Tourist in a Horse Drawn Carriage in Japan
  24. Horse and Woman Riding in a Coach
  25. Horse Drawn Carriages and Text
  26. Horse in View, George Washington and Family Welcoming Marquis De Lafayette at Mount Vernon
  27. George Washington on Horseback, Valley Forge
  28. Horseback George Washington and Marquis De Lafayette at Valley Forge
  29. Union Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant on Horseback
  30. Circus Acrobat Performing on a Horse
  31. Men on Horseback and Dogs Ready for a Fox Hunt
  32. Men on Horseback, Fox Hunting with Dogs
  33. Man and His Sons in a Carriage Being Pulled by Four Beautiful Black Horses
  34. White Man Chasing a Native American Indian on Horseback
  35. Horses Pulling Firemen on a Fire Engine Carriage
  36. Tavern with People
  37. Abraham Lincoln on Horseback Being Greeting by Villages
  38. Captain Rickett on Horseback and Fox Hunting with Dogs
  39. Man and Women Racing Chariots
  40. Crowd Watching Giuseppe Garibaldi on Horseback
  41. Audience and Judges at a Horse Race
  42. Busy Street Scene with Horses and Carriages
  43. Horseback Knight Battling a Dragon Under an Austro-Hungarian Banner
  44. Scene of Competitive Jockeys Racing Forward
  45. John Murphy Holding a Whip While Driving Two Trotting Horses
  46. Horse Race at the Brighton Beach Race Course, New Jersey
  47. People Racing Horses down a Street in Winter
  48. Judges in a Tower, Watching a Race Between Four Horse Harness Racing Jockeys
  49. Jockey Riding a Brown Gelding, Leaping Across a Grassy Field
  50. Competitive Men Racing Horses down a Street with a Dog Running Along the Side
  51. Man Racing a Sully Horse Cart
  52. Salvator and Tenny Horse Racing at Sheepshead Bay, New York, June 25th 1890
  53. Man on a Horse, Harry Bassett
  54. Judges in a Tower, Watching a Man Racing a Horse
  55. Villagers Greeting Abraham Lincoln on Horseback
  56. Horse and George Washington
  57. Grayscale Scene of the Discovery of the Mississippi by Ferdinand De Soto
  58. Buffalo Hunt
  59. Horseback Native Americans Hunting Bison
  60. Horse and Battle of the Thamas
  61. Horse at the Capture of John Andre
  62. Horseback Washington at Princeton January 3rd 1777
  63. Horse and George Washington, the Prayer at Valley Forge
  64. Scene of the Capture of John Andre
  65. The Capture of John Andre in Black and White
  66. George Washington and a Crowd
  67. George Washington Receiving a Salute on the Field of Trenton
  68. Scene of the Surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Va
  69. Horseback Washington at Princeton
  70. Horseback Rider at the Escape of Sergeant Champe
  71. Horseback General Andrew Jackson, Battle of New Orleans
  72. Major General Andrew Jackson with His Horse
  73. Horseback Andrew Jackson with the Tennessee Forces on the Hickory Grounds
  74. General Benjamin Harrison on Horseback
  75. Horseback George Washington Leading the Continental Army at the Battle of Trenton
  76. Couple Riding in a Horse Drawn Sleigh on a Wintry Road
  77. Historical Village of People Gathering Water for Their Hoses
  78. Child and Men Tending to Race Horses in the Stables
  79. Beautiful Women by a Horse Carriage on a Beach
  80. Sepia Agricultural Diploma with Jockeys Racing Horses, Livestock, Produce and Farming Tools
  81. Soldiers and Horses Fighting in the Battle of Chancellorsville
  82. Men with and Riding Black, Brown and White Horses at a Horse Fair
  83. Muscular Horse Standing and Facing to the Right
  84. Male Campers Sitting Around a Fire with Their Horses in the Background
  85. Man on a Horse Drawn Wagon, Going Through a Village in the Snow
  86. Grayscale Scene of a Trotting Horse, John Stewart, on His Twentieth Mile, September 22nd 1868
  87. Man Riding a Horse past Judges in Buffalo, New York, August 1st 1868
  88. Man Racing a Horse Cart
  89. C. Champlin Driving the Horse Named George Palmer
  90. Horseback McColloch
  91. General Franklin Pierce of the Mexican War, on Horseback
  92. Farmer and Daughter Watching Entertaining African Americans As They Dance and Play a Banjo in a Barn
  93. Quixotic Tilting
  94. Woman Driving a Horse Coach on Harper's August Cover
  95. The Discovery of the Mississippi by De Soto, and His Followers
  96. Official Program - Woman Suffrage Procession, Washington, D.C. March 3, 1913
  97. Andrew Jackson on the Hickory Grounds
  98. General James Garfield on a Horse in Sepia